Hi, My name is Alexis Ribault

I am a Software Engineer and UX/UI Designer.

"This website shows my previous experiences and my interest for software development"


Alexis Ribault

About me

Who am I?

I am originally from France and I am currently living in Australia. I love challenges and I keep pushing myself to improve everyday.

What I do?

I spend most of my time at work and outside of work building new features in order to provide the best information for the users. I care to build high quality applications and would rather spend the extra time to make it perfect.

How I do?

Technologies nowadays progress so quickly that us developer need to constantly study to keep up. So, in order to stay competitive, I spend a lot of time learning new skills, essentially about programming but as well about business and marketing.



PHP (Laravel, Symfony...)

Setup Automated Deployment

Javascript (Node.js, React...)

Tests (phpunit, selenium, Cypress...)


Mobile Dev (React Native and Cordova)

MySQL, Oracle and DynamoDB

Photoshop / Gimp

Amazon Web Services



Java EE

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